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Built on the belief that to obtain true Cyber Defense capabilities, companies must understand both the defensive and offensive side of cyber threats and our mission is clear.

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We are a Danish-based independent Cyber Security company, we specialize in helping companies protect themselves by testing and breaking their security, detecting breaches, and responding to incidents.


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Contact person: Claus Strawbridge

Kigkurren 8N, 4th floor,
2300 Copenhagen
CVR: 37101018

Phone: +45 42 45 20 48
Email: Info@banshie.com
Website: www.banshie.com


    We collaborate with some of the world’s leading IT software suppliers

    Banshie is an extremely valuable partner for TDC, which helps lift the maturity of TDC’s Cyber Defense, both in analysis, processes, tools and training.

    TDC Director, Cyber Defense Center